Test Report – Test 2

After we have fixed the thrusters (by changing the navigation board), we have been able to do two tests in a row at 10am35 and we had a test of 1h15.

The goal of the test was to acquire the data with the sonar and the vision on the buoys and the fence.

We also took advantage of Dave presence to go through the gate and qualify for the semi-finals.

We acquired enough data to be able to work on the logs and answer the question that we have:

  • The value of the DVL drift
  • Are the walls visible with the Sonar, and if so, what do they look like.
  • Does the automatic calibration of the camera allows us to trigger on object accurately.
  • Does the obstacle that we builds look like the competition obstacles

We are going to work on that, our next test being at 2h30 pm. We are going to focus on the DVL drift (we want to compare with sending the temperature and the salinity of the water).

We will keep playing with the hydrophones parameters et see what we can get from it.

For our first day, we are really in a good position. The vision looks great, the navigation works, and we just have to check the results of the mapping system.

We will keep you in touch!