Mechanical Team

The mechanical team’s main responsibilities are to devise, build and maintain parts of the submarine. Parts include the enclosure, the hub, mounts and actuators. S.O.N.I.A uses one of its most faithful sponsor’s software, SolidWorks, for the 3D conception. CNC and additive manufacturing are then used to fabricate the parts.

On the other hand, the team is constantly working on new ideas and assisting other departmens to improve the efficiency of the AUV. Finally,  performing regular maintenance on moving parts is part of their tasks.  Innovation and improvement is part of our culture at S.O.N.I.A.

AUV8 during the fabrication.

All the aluminium extrusions were manufactured using a CNC. This represents more than 250 hours of machine operation. The cross-shape allows us to increase the number of devices on a broader sufrace. 3D printing is used to fit the electronic and inner components inside the enclosure.