Mechanical Team

Meet the mechanical team, responsible for designing, building, and maintain the various parts of the submarine. These parts include:

  • The enclosure;
  • The main hub
  • The mounts and rack systems;
  • Actuators.

The hull of AUV8 is our most recent submarine. It was designed using SolidWorks and machined in a CNCs. In total, more than 250 hours were spent machining AUV8’s hull.

S.O.N.I.A. utilizes SolidWorks, provided by one of its longstanding sponsors, for 3D design. CNC and additive manufacturing are then employed to fabricate the parts.

Additionally, the team is continually generating new ideas and supporting other departments to enhance the AUV’s efficiency. Moreover, the mechanical team collaborates closely with the electrical team to integrate various electrical systems into the submarine. Such as, a clip-based, toolless rack system for AUV8, developed by the mechanical team that has allowed the electrical team to remove components without using tools. This custom system was entirely created using additive manufacturing.

Lastly, the team is responsible for conducting regular maintenance to uphold the submarine’s integrity.

Mechanical projects

3D Printing

S.O.N.I.A. uses 3D printing to manufacture the internal supports to hold the electronic components. 3D printing is also used to print some parts to create our accessories on submarines. (Tools: Simplify3D)

CFD Simulation

An hydrodynamic study of the submarine can allow us to find very relevant information to design quality submarines. The information collected can also be used to obtain the most realistic model for our simulator. (Tools: ANSYS)


To design quality submarines, the mechanical team is joining forces to manufacture various precise parts for our prototypes. Machining allows our team to materialize their ideas. (Tools: CATIA)

Mechanical Design

Whether it is to design a new submarine, an electronic component support or an accessorie on submarines. The mechanical team needs creative ideas to develop new concepts. (Tools: SolidWorks)