About Us

S.O.N.I.A, an acronym for Système d’Opération Nautique Intelligent et Autonome is a scientific club from École de Technologie Supérieure located in Montreal, Québec.

Established in 1999, team S.O.N.I.A has since designed and engineered 8 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. The club consists of students from Mechanical, Electrical and Software programs whose goal is to compete each year at the annual Robosub event held in San Diego, California.

Moreover, S.O.N.I.A is an undergraduate student association and as such, we believe in harmonious team work and that knowledge is best acquired through hands-on experience. Our goal is to offer an educational environment for everyone whose desire is to learn and we strongly believe in the advancement of robotics. Hence, all of our work is an open source on Github.