Since 1999

Since the begining of S.O.N.I.A., teachers and students from l’École de Technologie Supérieure are working together to build autonomus underwater vehicules. Ours sponsors help us achieve our main goal : Innovate in our field of expertise while going beyond what we have learned.

Fully Autonomous

Independent of any human interaction, our prototype has the capacity to operate within the scope of its artificial intelligence system.

Creativity and innovation

Without conforming to the norm, we pushed ourselves to the limit of our creativity and innovativeness to engineer our prototype.

Open to the world

SONIA is an educational program; hence all of our work is open source for anyone on github.

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Too light for its volume

Weight : 46 kg



First competition year : 2022

Mitsubishi paint car was used

Too heavy for its volume

Need floaters

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