Test Report – J5 at 12h

Last nigh, we tough we found the cause of our problems with the hydrophones. We thought we found it and that we applied the necessary patch. Unfortunately, the test of this morning brought use back directly to the startup position. To big problems, big means. This afternoon, we revisited all the hydrophones and their physical interfaces. We have still been able to test the navigation. Like every day at the Transdec, we are really surprised with the data that we receive. With the exact same configuration as yesterday, the Sonar does not give us the same results. What was yesterday three little dots for the buoys is now a straight line…

According to Frank, the should no be very complicated to take into account on the Software side. but this implies that we have to reconsider the redundancy of our data. With the new configurations, we are confident that we don’t have to work on the gate and the pipes.

Aligning on the buys requires us to make some changes on the camera configuration. But triggering on the correct buoy is not a problem anymore.

We still have to be able to align on the pipe after the buoys and go through the fence stylishly.

The next test is at 1pm30. As you may have noticed, it is a bit difficult to communicate before the end of the day (the rush of the competition being what it is). But we are still aiming at the objective of two post a day plus the little communication on the social networks.