Robosub 2016 – Day 2: Preparations

By July 25, 2016Uncategorized

First full day in San-Diego for the team. Everyone agrees that California’s weather is completely unique.

For breakfast this morning: coffee and getting the submarine. We have no time to waste. Unless a little inconvenient, the sub arrived to our room the fun part could finally begin.

On the software side, the team cleaned the code and we developed a user interface for the mapping system to modify the settings and observe the effects easily.

On the mechanical and electrical side, we reassembled le submarine. Everything is well … but we need to mention Jéremie’s cold sweat when he found out that the DVL was not responding. Bravo to Étienne that figured out what the problem was. The device was unplugged. No worries, Antoine found the solution. After that, we did a dry test to assert the platform reliability.

In the afternoon, our best supporter visited us. The one who is still with us after all these years and is always ready to help us, Éric.

We made a stop to the grocery to fill up our food resources. It is not easy to do this job when you have nut’s allergies and a lactose intolerant and after all, you only have space for a grapefruit inside the hotel refrigerator. For following mornings, the only things we will eat is granola bars, granola bars and a half grapefruit because the other half of the refrigerator is already taken by Thibaut’s bag for his knee injury.

Finally, the team had a meeting to talk about communications with you, our followers. First of all, we realized that we published the recap of the day too late. Tomorrow, we want to post it at 18:00 at San-Diego’s Time (21:00 at Quebec’s Time). If you want to suggest another schedule, we are open to review our strategies. For everything that will happen after 18:00 we will add it on the next day morning post. In a second time, we want you to know that we are working on a webcam and a Raspberry pi to put a live feed on the internet. When it will be done we will give you the link to the streaming.

Planning for tomorrow: Meeting with Robosub organisation for aller the information around the competition.

Have a great night!