Robosub 2016 – Day 3: The Beginning

By July 26, 2016Uncategorized

Today, we worked on improving our effectiveness during the tests. The hotel wifi being not as good as we would like it to be, we had to setup a Git server on a raspberry-pi so we can access our code base without the internet. We did a few scripts to ease the configuration changes on the workspace. Alexi worked on the CAN UI in order to increase the rapidity of the latter and ease its usage during the debugging of the hydros.

Also, ROS allows us to log the messages the go through the network during the execution time. Pierluc took care of providing the vision server with the possibility to read videos directly from the ROS logs. Franck tested the refactoring that has been done yesterday. These changes allow us to have a better control and debug the processing during the execution, and thus increasing the rapidity of the calibration.

Now we can configure everything with ROS, and soon with a UI.

Thibaut worked on setuping different flavours of the workspaces (UI and dev). We had meeting following the event of this afternoon. There are a lot of teams, but we have t least 4 tests per day. We will have to ensure that we used them well. We think that we are going to take the first day for data acquisition and ensuring that the problem that we had last year has been solved and check that the mapping can be used in the pool.