Robosub 2016 – Day 1: Arrival

The day is finally over! After our traditional white night at the local, the team went to the airport for the departure.

Quick mention to Etienne and Jeremie that were able to get a red X on the information card to give to customs officers. Small X entitling a tryst with the head of Customs officers…

The team has split into two groups. The first group had its boarding at 6:50 for Charlotte. For the second group the boarding was at 7:40 for Philadelphia. The unfavorable weather in Philadelphia stuck the Team 2 tarmac. Situation that reminded us the events of last year 😉 At the end, we all arrived safely!

Tomorrow, we are getting the submarine, we will do some shopping to get ready for the competition and most importantly, we will keep feeding you with the last news! It is now 3am in San Diego, all the team is sleeping to regain his strength.

A thought for Florence and Victor Bouchard Harvey-Rhéaume for the transport to the airport, we owe you a big thank you !!

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